Working with 

LA Protects 

to provide non - medical protective face masks to our community.

Due to the escalating severity of COVID-19, On9thst has partnered with Salvatore Swim, and Shenise Sheena Makeup, to focus our efforts on what is most important .  We are working for LA Protects to provide the safest mask with the optimal amount of protection possible. Our masks are 100% organic hemp cotton, reusable, easy to wash, dye free, bleach safe, and double layered.  

In addition, with every online purchase of our Los Angeles City Guideline approved masks, we will ship a box of masks to any individual or organization currently rendering services in the midst of the epidemic.
Our hearts go out to the people and communities who have been affected by this pandemic, and this is our way of supporting those on the front lines during these unprecedented circumstances. 
There is a saying that “unity is strength”. In these times, we as a company need to do our part in fostering bonds of unity throughout our community. Let's Make A Positive Impact Together. 

With Love, 
Salvatore Swim
Shenise Sheena Makeup 

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