6 Reasons Your Next Fashion Production Needs to be Made With On9thSt

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

By: Axel Angeles

The decision is made, you will move forward with your ideas and designs and make them a reality. At On9thSt, we are here to make your creative fashion pursuits real. Our professional team is ready to be challenged and take on the next fashion production that will change the world of fashion. Here are the reasons you should make your next custom collection with us.

1. Pattern Professionals

We have the best pattern maker in the world. It doesn't only take a pattern maker, our development team works hard to make sure that everything is precise and exact. We make sure that what we collect the right information from our clients to deliver the perfect prototype. Our pattern professionals have worked in the industry for over 30 years with experience in cutting, sewing, and all the production process which allows for a better understanding of what needs to be done to create a perfect design.

2. Organized Team

Everything from notes to folders, we save and pass on the information necessary to keep our production process smooth. Our space is always clean and organized, keeping the old stuff out while holding space for the new stuff. On9thSt has a smoothly organized workflow from the beginning. We believe that everyone owns their department and has proven to deliver on time and with high quality.

3. Quality over Quantity

We rather take less units at first, so we can make sure we are sewing them right and our team is precise and comfortable with the product. On9thSt is committed to learning the design of your product in order to deliver on time and with high quality.

4. Quality Control

Our goal is to make sure that every single piece that is made at On9thSt is perfectly sewn. We check everything from fraying strings to fitting, everything must be correct. This is part of our delivery to make sure that our customers are satisfied and provide their following with the best fashion pieces in the market.

5. Always on Time

We always deliver on time. We set the right expectations and understand the timing of the production for pieces and products. Our fashion production house knows how long it will take to make all types of garments. Our work flow allows for us to deliver products with minimal to no flaws because of our experience and expert team.

6. Recycle/ Sustainable Production

Producing fashion takes a toll on the environment and we are very conscious of this impact. At On9thSt, we know that taking the right steps we can do our part to save the earth. From separating and recycling things to go to the right place. We save left over fabric to help the homeless by making blankets. Our goal is to transition to biodegradable materials and resources to help change the fashion world.

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