About Us

On9ThSt is located in the Fashion Disctrict of Downtown Los Angeles. We are a fashion production house that makes your designs come to life. We began in 2017, with the idea to produce tomorrows fashion TODAY. We understand the process of creation and the importance of delivery. At On9thSt, we believe our clients brands and production is our own. This way of thinking allows us to create top notch products for our clients.  We help brands from the beginning to the end with all elements of production in mind. Our goal is to make quality products over the idea of quantity.  

 Our professional team of pattern makers, seamstresses, and designers are here to make your designs come to life. 

Why produce in Los Angeles, CA? 

We have the best USA manufacturers are located here. From the best machinery and sewers from around the world. It's a growing city when it comes to fashion. Most brands are starting to relocate to Los Angeles in order to sell and supply for the Fashion Industry. We understand the risks of producing a product overseas, even though it might be cheaper, the quality will not be the best. 


Isabella Acosta



Marisa Unzueta-Theis

Design and Pattern Maker

Axel Angeles

Social Media Marketing Manager